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مدیریت لجستیک بین الملل

مفاهیم لجستیک، نظریه ی شبکه سازی در اقتصاد بین الملل و توسعه شبکه جهانی

هفت سین صنعتی در ایران

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Japan’s supply chain still under pressure

Japan’s supply chain still under pressure                                    Reported by Abbas Haji Ebrahimi                                                

In an era of globe-spanning operations, multiple events over the past year once again underscore the critical need to develop comprehensive business continuity plans in light of supply chain vulnerabilities.
By Patrick Burnson, Executive Editor
March 15, 2011

While government and relief agencies are dealing with the ongoing health and safety consequences of Japan’s earthquake and subsequent tsunami, supply chain professionals are coping with the tremendous impact this has made on global shipping and sourcing.

to be continued...

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Fundamentals of Petroleum Economics - training course

Fundamentals of Petroleum Economics - training course delivered by distance earning  

Reported by Abbas Haji Ebrahimi                                                 Petroleum Economics - training course overview

The A to Z of Cash flow, risk analysis and valuation in the oil and gas industry

The popular IBC petroleum economics training course provides students with a thorough understanding of the knowledge needed to value oil and gas projects, assets and companies. Using the petroleum finance techniques explained in the course, you will be able to practice your valuations of petroleum assets and companies, and critically analyse those of others to help you make informed and astute oil and gas investment decisions.

to be continued...

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A Selection of Current Courses

..Reported by Abbas Haji Ebrahimi    

A Selection of Current Courses

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Logistics Management

Logistics Management distance learning course from North West Kent College

Reported by Abbas Haji Ebrahimi    

Programme overview for the Diploma in Logistics Management

Planning, implementing and controlling the flow of goods and services

This logistics distance learning course from the School of Maritime Operations and Logistics at North West Kent College has been designed to provide a thorough grounding in the major disciplines of logistics and freight management. This logistics training course brings together some of the foremost practitioners, leading universities and business schools, and is recognised by The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) UK for CPD purposes. Successful completion of the course provides exemptions to the Chartered Institute of Shipbrokers Introduction to Shipping and Logistics and Multi-Modal Transport examinations. 

to be continued...

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SMART Build 2011


SMART Build 2011

Constructing intelligent city building services with optimized energy and resource capabilities

12-15 June 2011, Dubai UAE



 Calling all leaders in city building services, energy and resource efficiency


 Dear Mr. Abbas Haji Ebrahimi,

The Big 5 is proud to present SMART Build 2011; I am delighted to invite you as an industry expert to present  and share with us your  knowledge, expertise, innovation, case studies and vision in this highly important 4-day gathering. SMART Build 2011 underlines the

importance  of  strategic investment and improved understanding of the need for building services and its return on investment  

through measurable performance of energy and water, environmental impact, end user satisfaction, strategic effectiveness and system integration.


 The Middle East demands effective city services to meet master planning objectives

 Integration of resource efficient, sustainable and future proofed building services into new and existing building  

 projects is vital to successful urban development. Governments, developers and end users all have a responsibility for

 effective management of water, energy and resources. SMART Build 2011 will address the strategic, technical,

 financial and practical challenges that this duty of care presents to municipal and private city planners, designers and

 developers to assist with the creation of future-proof and resource efficient cities.


Issues on the agenda include but are not limited to:

·         Strategic building services master planning

·         Achieving excellence in building services design

·         Delivering design and build projects

·         Using building codes and regulations

·         Sustainability and environmental impact

·         Interoperability and Building Information Modelling (BIM)

·         Effective building waste management

·         Recycling and re-use within buildings

·         Building retrofitting to improve service quality

·         Service value engineering and specification

·         Understanding the long term value of service investment

·         Maintenance and asset management

·         Financial models for investment in services

·         Effective service project management

·         Delivering an end user experience/ environment

·         The benefits of dynamic/living buildings

·         Financial assessment of intelligent building systems


·         Innovations in building services

·         Alternative energy for building services

·         Advanced HVAC systems

·         Advanced energy conversion systems

·         Application of air pollution modelling and control

·         Architectural acoustics and audio systems

·         Computational methods in building environment design

·         Energy management in buildings

·         Facilities and quality management

·         Indoor air quality technology and management

·         Materials in built environment

·         Occupational safety and health issues in buildings

·         Risk management and decision-making in intelligent building

·         Vibrations and mechanical signature analysis

·         Electrical facilities in intelligent buildings

·         Intelligent building automation and control


Benefits for you as a speaker at SMART Build 2011 include:


ü  Complimentary access to the whole event including interactive workshops and event hospitality

ü  10% speaker company discount for your colleagues (from the same company as you)

ü  Invitation to the construction breakfast club meetings

ü  Prestige of being identified as a speaker/organisation at the Big 5: SMART City Build event

ü  Inclusion in the event public relations activity including interview and podcast coverage

ü  The opportunity to provide a testimonial to be included on the event web page

ü  Distribution of any white papers or reports via our event website

ü  Inclusion in the Big 5 database to receive event and industry updates, project news and reports


  Please send  the following by Tuesday, March 22 2011:

·         Title of the presentation/paper

·         Background of the presentation/paper

·         Details of any case study projects you would like to include (it is possible to submit your ideas pending client approval if required)

·         Explanation of why is this relevant today?

·         Overview of key learning points

·         Author/speaker biography/photo/company logo (for use on the event brochure)

·         Full contact details (including mobile, email and linked in)


  Papers, case studies and project reports are welcome! Send your submissions before Tuesday, March 22 2011 to  



  Kind regards,


  Sarah Phillips

  Senior Conference Manager

  dmg :: events

  E-mail: sarahphillips@dmgevents.com

  Web: www.dmgevents.com




To register your interest to speak at or sponsor SMART Build 2011:

  Email: sarahphillips@dmgevents.com 

  Call: +971 4 4380355

  Fax: +971 4 438 0356

  Deadline for submissions: Tuesday, March 22 2011

  Final review and acceptance: Tuesday, 29 March 2011



Consultants, service and technology providers are also invited to use this opportunity to present your latest findings and innovations in front of leading construction industry practitioners in the Middle East looking for new thinking and the most effective solutions.























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Certificate in Maritime Economics

Certificate in Maritime Economics

Commencing 31st May 2011 - Apply by 18th March 2011 and save £150

 Dear Abbas

 Thank you for your interest in the Certificate in Maritime Economics, we are currently enrolling for a new intake, please have a look at the course details and let me know if I can be of any assistance to you.

 Please find attached the brochure for the Certificate in Maritime Economics a course carefully designed to ensure you acquire the knowledge required to work in this important sector.

 There are some particular aspects of the programme I wanted to highlight to you:

 This is the only course of its kind delivered via distance learning offering you a comprehensive insight into the key issues of maritime economics including:

    1. Global trade and the key economic concepts within the industry
    2. Shipping sectors, freight types, and port economics
    3. Understanding ship finance and the ship lifecycle from new building, to scrapping
  • Completing the 12 week programme is your opportunity to up-skill quickly and inexpensively without having to take time away to attend a training course. 
  • The tutors are available through the online forum to support you.
  • With students participating from around the world, this is indeed your opportunity to network and learn with professionals from a variety countries, fields and perspectives.
  • Once you’ve successfully completed the online assessments, as well as receiving a Certificate of Completion from Lloyd’s Maritime Academy, the 16 hours of CPD can be presented to your company or industry association in recognition of your studies.

 If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on the details below. To apply online please go to http://www.informaglobalevents.com/LP0067TT31 , or complete the form at the back of the brochure and return to me by email or fax (+44 (0)20 7017 7209). I’ll acknowledge receipt as soon as it’s received.

 Don’t forget that if you apply before the 18th March you will qualify for the early enrolment discount.

 I’d be keen to know where you first heard about the course. Please let me know when you get in touch.

 Kind regards,

 P.S.  If you are interested in a company group undertaking the course, or having it delivered as instructor led training, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss how we can help.


 Ebony-Jewel Rainford-Brent

Distance Learning Training Consultant

 Lloyd’s Maritime Academy

IBC Global Academy

 IIR Ltd  8th Floor - 29 Bressenden Place - London - SW1E 5DR
Direct Line: +44 (0)20 7017 77209 - Fax: +44 (0)20 7017 7853
ebony.rainford-brent@informa.com  - www.lloydsmaritimeacademy

 LMA: http://www.informaglobalevents.com/appdata/downloads/lloyds-maritime-academy/Distance_Learning_Terms_and_Conditions_LMA.pdf

IBCGA: http://www.informaglobalevents.com/appdata/downloads/global-academy/Distance_Learning_Terms_and_Conditions_IBCGA.pdf 

 VIP Booking Code - TT31


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Fundamentals of Container Shipping


 Fundamentals of Container Shipping

Commencing 26th May 2011.  Apply by 18th March 2011 to save at least £200

 Dear Abbas,

 Please find attached the brochure for the Fundamentals of Container Shipping course – created to provide industry professionals with a complete understanding of the essentials of liner trades and maritime container logistics.

 Here are some particular benefits of this unique 12-week distance learning programme I would like to highlight to you:

 Addresses the commercial, technical and operational fundamentals of this key shipping sector.

  • Delivered online, it’s a cost- and time-effective solution that will up-skill you quickly by allowing you to immediately apply what you have learnt to your current role as you progress through the course.
  • This is the most in-depth introduction to this topic available by distance learning
  • Access our online tutorial forum with a dedicated tutor who will support you throughout the 12 week course. Dr. Nair is a respected academic and consultant on the liner trades.
  • CPD that you can present to your employer or industry society

 The brochure contains detailed content and price information, but I’m here to answer any queries you have so please don’t hesitate to get in touch on the details below.

 To enrol, simply click here to go direct to a secure application form - http://www.informaglobalevents.com/LR0072TT36 If you’d prefer, you can complete the attached Excel form or that on the back of the brochure, and return to me by email or fax (+44 (0)20 7017 7853). I’ll acknowledge receipt as soon as it’s received.  For your convenience we also accept payment by credit card.

 Don’t forget that if you apply by Friday 18th March you will qualify for the early enrolment discount, saving you £200.

 Also, I’d be keen to know where you first heard about the course. Please let me know when you get in touch.

 Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries about the programme.

 Kind regards,

 Della Penfold - Divisional Supervisor 

Lloyd’s Maritime Academy - IBC Global Academy - IIR Ltd  8th Floor - 29 Bressenden Place - London - SW1E 5DR
Direct Line: +44 (0)20 7017 7213 - Fax: +44 (0)20 7017 7853
della.penfold@informa.com  -  www.lloydsmaritimeacademy.com

 LMA: http://www.informaglobalevents.com/appdata/downloads/lloyds-maritime-academy/Distance_Learning_Terms_and_Conditions_LMA.pdf

IBCGA: http://www.informaglobalevents.com/appdata/downloads/global-academy/Distance_Learning_Terms_and_Conditions_IBCGA.pdf

 VIP Booking Code: TT36


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The Mechanics of Project Finance course meets a very real need in the market

Dear Mr Haji Ebrahimi,

It's a busy time for IFF. Not only have we produced a new Energy Training catalogue and Project Finance Training catalogue but we're preparing the next running of our distance learning course, The Mechanics of Project Finance. Launching on May 4th, I have managed to secure an extension to the early bird discount exclusively for you. Book by March 25th and quote the reference EMINTDL to save £300.

The Mechanics of Project Finance course meets a very real need in the market - in a unique way. It distils 30 years of banking experience into a well-structured and commercially-orientated set of modules, designed to allow both lenders and sponsor/borrowers to understand the basic elements of the project finance "toolkit" and the fundamental workings of the limited-recourse debt product. You will also see how the basic project financing "engine" has been adapted to meet the specific needs of those working in oil & gas, power, infrastructure and PPP in particular.
Download the course brochure.
Download the first module for a FREE PREVIEW.
Download a video of Steve Mills introducing his course.

Also, why not download IFF's Energy Training catalogue to find out all about the courses running at our training centre in London. See what new dates we have scheduled for our most popular courses and what new courses we’ve added to the portfolio, such as Strategic Risk in the Oil and Gas Industry and Mastering Oil & Gas KPIs. Download the catalogue NOW to see everything in store for 2011.

You can also preview individual courses by clicking on the title:
Oil & Gas Commercial Contracts ~ Essentials of the Oil & Gas Industry ~ Mastering Global LNG ~ Mastering Renewable & Alternative Energies ~ Oil & Gas Project Finance ~ The 5-Day Oil & Gas 'MBA' ~ Power Project Finance ~ Practical Oil Trading ~ Carbon Trading, Risk & Strategy ~ Business Development in the Oil & Gas Sector ~ Essentials of Power Trading ~ Natural Gas Storage ~ Energy Markets and Energy Derivatives ~ Essentials of Gas Trading & Risk ~ School of Energy ~ Energy Price Risk Management & Hedging ~ Risk Management in the Power Markets ~ the Oil, Gas and Energy Value Chain ... All of these courses can also be tailor-made for your company and run in-house.

Ring us with any questions about our Energy trainingThe Mechanics of Project Finance or in-company courses on +44 (0)20 7017 7190.

Kind regards

Rosy Thompson,
Marketing Manager, IFF

P.S. Don't forget the £300 early bird discount for The Mechanics of Project Finance runs out on March 25th. Quote the reference EMINTDL or you will not qualify!


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نقش بارکد در مدیریت لجستیک مواد Barcode role in Material logestics management


 Reported by Abbas Haji Ebrahimi

Sponsored by

Image-based Barcode Readers Transforming the Logistics Industry

The high volume and frequency of orders placed over the Internet combined with a multitude of available products from retailers make automated scanning at logistics centers more important than ever. This paper will analyze the current state of barcode scanning applications and investigate potential for improvement, focusing on the most common applications performed by distribution centers today.

to be continued...

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Certificate in Maritime Economics

Certificate in Maritime Economics: Delivered by online distance learning over 12 weeks

Enrol by this Friday to SAVE £150!


Dear Mr Haji Ebrahimi

Introducing the world of maritime finance and the businss of shipping - the essentials explained.

This certificate course is your ideal opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the maritime economic sector.

to be continued...

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The thorough introduction to the oil and gas industry

The thorough introduction to the oil and gas industry                Reported by Abbas Haji Ebrahimi    

Fundamentals of Oil and Gas - training course programme overview

Understanding the Industry from Upstream to Downstream and Beyond

This oil and gas distance learning training course will ensure a thorough, accurate and up-to-date knowledge of oil and gas fundamentals. It offers a unique blend of broad global perspectives with enough detail to understand and work within the oil and gas sector with confidence. The programme is one of the very few which gives a universal educational grounding in the industry without the need for travel or attendance at seminars.

Download the Fundamentals of Oil and Gas course brochure by clicking here

to be continued...

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MEFMA Networking Events

MEFMA Networking Events,                            Reported by Abbas Haji Ebrahimi                                                
the debate continues...

Sustainability in Operation


Many environmentalists are beginning to acknowledge the importance of economic growth and prosperity.

The phrase ‘sustainable development’ has emerged to describe the philosophy and practice of doing business in a way that balances economic, environmental, and social needs.


With more and more companies beginning to consider how their operations affect the environment and future generations, this session will open the debate on how to implement, improve and sustain our working environment. 

to be continued...

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اخبار لجستیک در این هفته

Critical Topics

Find the latest news, features, case studies, white papers and videos on the following topics:

Air Freight

Global Trade

Mobile & Wireless

Motor Freight

Ocean Freight

Rail Freight


Third Party Logistics


Warehouse & Distribution



Top Stories - March 16, 2011

DeFazio blasts proposed U.S.-Mexico cross-border trucking program

Earlier this month, the United States and Mexico finally reached an agreement to resolve the issues surrounding the countries cross-border trucking program.
Read more

to be continued...

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شهرهای فرودگاهی

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industry news

airports & partners


conferences & events

community forum

March 2011

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Industry news and other information is now updated on our twitter account at

Event calendar

Airport Cities 2011
Memphis, USA
April 11-13
click for more info

On the forum

Where should the next Airport Cities be held?

to be continued...

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لجستیک جا به جایی مواد به صورت نوین


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RFID: Alive and growing in the supply chain

SAVE THIS DATE: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 | 2:00 p.m. EST

It was seven years ago when Wal-Mart announced what came to be known as "the mandate," the goal to have all suppliers tagging cases and pallets with RFID smart tags by the end of 2006. The euphoria around the "the mandate" spurred innovation on many levels inside the RFID industry, with investments in readers, chip technology and software that arguably accelerated progress.

to be continued...

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Introduction to Maritime Trade & Transport

Introduction to Maritime Trade & Transport - a training course studied by online distance learning                                        Reported by Abbas Haji Ebrahimi    

Providing a thorough background to the shipping industry - training course programme overview

For a thorough understanding of the shipping industry

The shipping industry is of global importance and this introductory 12 week background to shipping course, delivered by distance learning, gives you a thorough overview of the essentials aspects of the maritime industry in six  study modules.

to be continued...

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اولین سمینار تحقیقات بازاریابی در گروه شرکتهای تجارت گستران منصور

تاریخ : ۲۴ / ۱۲ / ۸۹                                  مکان : سالن سخنرانی شورای راهبردی لجستیک

سخنران : عباس حاجی ابراهیمی

بدعوت  شورای راهبردی لجستیک گروه شرکتهای امیر منصور آریا و تجارت گستران منصور بالغ بر ۳۴ شرکت فعال اولین جلسه بررسی علمی و تخصصی بازاریابی از منظر لجستیک از ساعت ۱۴ الی ۱۶ برگزار گردید.

مجموعه هلدینگ تجارت گستران منصور با تمرکز بر فعالیتهای تولیدی نطیر مواد غذایی نظیر آب معدنی داماش و تولید نان صنعتی وانواع نوشیدنیهای مجاز و کنسروجات ـ مواد معدنی و صنعتی نظیر گروه فولاد ایران و سیمان فاراب و شیشه مارلیک و تولیدات پلیمری توسط شفاف شیمی پلاست و همچنین بر فعالیتهای مالی نظیر بانک و بیمه آریا و فعالیتهای صنعتی و بازرگانی حمل و نقل نظیر شرکتهای ساخت و تولید ریل و خدمات راه آهنی مربوطه وشرکتهای داماش ترابر ایرانیان و ...و نهایتا پخش امیر منصور سطح وسیعی از تولیدات و خدمات لجستیکی را در خود جای داده است.

ادامه مطلب...

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KPIs for Ports and Terminals training course

KPIs for Ports and Terminals training course delivered by online distance learning

Reported by Abbas Haji Ebrahimi                                                                                                                    Fundamentals of KPIs for Ports & Terminals training course programme overview

In the ports and terminals business we are all trying to monitor and improve operational and cost efficiencies, whether as an operator or a user.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the most effective tool in measuring and therefore improving business-wide performance. No improvement can take place without valid, accurate data showing where the organisation is now, where inefficiencies and blockages exist and what steps can be taken to move the enterprise forward.

to be continued...

+ نوشته شده در  89/12/23ساعت 9:29 PM  توسط عباس حاجی ابراهیمی  | 

دعوت به مشارکت در کمیته علمی همایش ایجاد بنادر خشک در کشور

تاریخ: ۲۵ / ۱۲ / ۸۹                     مکان: انجمن لجستیک ایران ـ نمایشگاه بین المللی تهران

در آخرین روزهای سال ۸۹ مسئول کمیته علمی پژوهشی انجمن لجستیک برگزاری همایش ایجاد بنادر خشک در کشور را در خرداد ماه سال ۹۰ اعلام نمود. انجمن لجستیک بعنوان کمیته علمی همایش اولین نشست تخصصی و علمی خود را در تاریخ ۲۵ اسفند ماه در راس ساعت ۱۴ اجرا خواهد نمود. اعضای پیشنهادی کمیته علمی عبارتند از :

معاونت سرمایه گذاری وزارت اقتصاد ـ سازمان راهداری و حمل و نقل جاده ای ـ سازمان بنادر و دریانوردی ـ مدیرکل دفتر امور اقتصادی و سرمایه گذاری ـ مدیر کل مرکز آموزش وتحقیقات گمرک ـ پژوهشکده حمل و نقل / مدیریت گروه اقتصاد ـ انجمن پایانه داران و بندرداران ـ اتاق بازرگانی صنایع و معادن تهران ـ اتاق تعاون جمهوری اسلامی ایران ـ شرکت حمل و نقل ترکیبی کشتیرانی ـ مدیرکل بودجه ستاد مدیریت حمل و نقل و سوخت کشور ـ مدیریت شورای لجستیک شرکت امیر منصور آریا ـ گروه تولیدی زر ماکارون ـ انجمن سراسری شرکتهای حمل و نقل بین المللی ـ انجمن حمل و نقل ریلی و مهندسی حمل و نقل ـ مدیریت بخش عمران دانشگاه بین المللی چابهار و مدیر مرکز تحقیقات ترانزیت و حمل و نقل ـ مدیر گروه اقتصاد دانشکده علوم اقتصادی ـ مدیر امور کانتینری و لجستیک شرکت تایدواتر خاورمیانه ـ معاونت آموزش و تحقیقات وزارت راه و ترابری و مدیر گروه طرح جامع حمل و نقل کشور ـ معاونت برنامه ریزی توسعه و فناوری وزارت صنایع ـ دبیرخانه امور مناطق آزاد و ویژه اقتصادی ـ مدیرعامل شرکت انبارهای عمومی و خدمات گمرکی ایران ـ انجمن شرکتهای کشتیرانی ـ مدیرعامل محترم شرکت رهنگار پارس (هولدینگ حمل ونقل بنیاد مستضعفان) ـ مجله بندر و دریا ـ مجله صنعت حمل و نقل ـ مجله ترابران ـ شرکت حمل و نقل بین المللی خلیج فارس ـ مرکز تحقیقات راه آهن ـ

منبع خبر: مسئول کمیته علمی و پژوهشی انجمن لجستیک ایران ( مهندس عباس حاجی ابراهیمی)

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An oil and gas logistics training course - Fundamentals of Exploration and Production Logistics

An oil and gas logistics training course, delivered by distance learning

Reported by Abbas Haji Ebrahimi                                                                                                             Fundamentals of Exploration and Production Logistics - training course programme overview

Maximising the efficiency of oil and gas logistics for offshore and onshore exploration and production.

The oil and gas industry operates in just about every imaginable geographic and climatic region across the world, including some of the most extreme conditions known. Wherever operations are taking place they are dependent upon a complex network of transport and supply in order to deliver the people, materials and equipment where they are needed, when they are needed.

to be continued...

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5 مرحله تا بهبود روابط لجستیک شخص ثالث

5 Steps to improving your 3PL relationships

Members of the University of Tennessee's center for Executive Education share their five steps and a series of tips to improve your outsourcing relationship right from the start.

VESTED OUTSOURCING IMPLEMENTATION FRAMEWORK - Source: Vested Outsourcing: Five Rules that will Transform Outsourcing

By Kate Vitasek, Pete Moore, and Bonnie Keith, University of Tennessee Faculty Members
February 24, 2011

Back in October 2010, we eagerly opened our issues of Logistics Management (LM) to read the feature article about Armstrong World Industries and how they won the coveted 2010 NASSTRAC Shipper of the Year award after bringing their outsourced transportation back in house.

As I read the case study I was actually disheartened to learn that the reason they brought the work back in house was due to a failed third-party logistics services provider (3PL) relationship.

Yes, there are some bad service providers out there. But my experience is that there are always two sides to every story. I’m sure that the service provider Armstrong parted ways with would have their own story to tell from which we could all learn a lesson or two.

However, this month’s article is not about assigning blame, but pointing out practical steps, tips, and advice on how to improve a 3PL relationship and prevent one from becoming a failure. As experts and outsourcing coaches, members of the University of Tennessee’s Center for Executive Education have created five steps to improve your outsourcing relationship from the start and help maintain that partnership once it gets rolling.

to be continued...

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اولین جلسه استراتژی مدیریت بازاریابی دانشجویان سطح 4 دوره های MBA استراتژی

تاریخ: ۲۰ / ۱۲/ ۸۹                                                             مکان :تهران ـ موسسه مشاوران 

مدرس: عباس حاجی ابراهیمی

بدرخواست موسسه مشاوران ۲ جلسه از ۶ جلسه عنوان درسی استراتژی مدیریت بازاریابی با تمرکز بر مباحث استراتژی مدیریت لجستیک و مدیریت توزیع فیزیکی تمرکز یافت.

در جلسه اول که از ساعت ۱۰ الی ۱۳ برگزار شد ابتدا مباحث مقدماتی زنجیره تامین و آشنایی با مفاهیم لجستیک بررسی گردید و سپس به بررسی استراتژی مدیریت توزیع فیزیکی و کانالهای توزیع و آمایش تجاری و طرح های جامع بازرگانی کشورهای منظقه و ترکیب بازرگانی و تولید در مدیریت لجستیک پرداخته شد. 

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An A to Z of container shipping -

An A to Z of container shipping - training course delivered by distance learning

Fundamentals of Container Shipping - training course overview

The complete guide to the essentials of liner trade and maritime container logistics.

The Fundamentals of Container Shipping examines commercial, technical and operational aspects of the liner shipping industry in detail. This course is ideal for people working for shipping lines, whilst being especially beneficial to personnel engaged in the wider container logistics and supply chain industry, including those in port operations, freight forwarding as well as those engaged in supplying global multi-modal logistics services. In addition, the course will benefit others related to the industry such as lawyers, economists, accountants, policy makers and industry associated consultants.

You can download the Fundamentals of Container Shipping course brochure by clicking here.

to be continued...

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سمینار علمی لجستیک و زنجیره تامین در دانشگاه صنعتی امیرکبیر

تاریخ: ۱۹ /  ۱۲ / ۸۹                                          مکان: دانشکده صنایع دانشگاه صنعتی امیرکبیر

سخنران : عباس حاجی ابراهیمی                      هماهنگ کننده : انجمن لجستیک ایران

در جمع دانشجویان ارشد صنایع و برخی از دانشگاهیان این دانشگاه اولین سمینار علمی و تخصصی در رابطه با مدیریت لجستیک توزیع فیزیکی و لجستیک حمل و نقل برگزار گردید.

در این سمینار ضمن بررسی زنجیره تامین خودرو و نواقص آشکار و پنهان آن به بحث تحقیقات بازاریابی و مهندسی فروش پرداخته شد. سمینار در ساعت ۳۰/۱۰ آغاز ودر ساعت ۱۲ پایان یافت.

+ نوشته شده در  89/12/19ساعت 9:7 AM  توسط عباس حاجی ابراهیمی  | 

سمینار علمی مدیریت لجستیک و PDM در دانشگاه الزهرا

تاریخ: ۱۸ / ۱۲ / ۸۹  مکان: تهران ـ دانشگاه الزهرا ـ سالن کتابخانه مرکزی دانشکده مهندسی صنایع

سخنران : عباس حاجی ابراهیمی                                  هماهنگ کننده : انجمن لجستیک ایران

در جمع دانشجویان و فارغ التحصیلان رشته های گوناگون مهندسی و بازرگانی و بالاخص دانش پژوهان مهندسی صنایع اصول و پایه های تشکیل دهنده مدیریت لجستیک و نقش تولید و بازرگانی در مفاهیم لجستیک و مدیریت شبکه ای بررسی گردید. 

همچنین فرصتهای انجام تحقیقات دانشگاهی و انتخاب گرایشهای تخصصی جهت ورود به دنیای لجستیک و نهایتا فرصتهای کارآفرینی و کاریابی مورد بررسی واقع گردید. جلسه با حضور ۳۵ الی ۴۰ تن از دانشگاهیان در ساعت ۹ آغاز و درساعت ۱۲به پایان رسید. 


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Diploma in Port Management -

Diploma in Port Management - training course delivered by distance learning

Reported by Abbas Haji Ebrahimi                                                                                                                     Diploma in Port Management Training Course Programme Overview

Global career development for professional managers of port and harbour facilities

The ports sector has changed radically over both the long and short term, but ports continue to play a vital, and growing, role in the movement of goods around the world.

Recovering from the challenges of a global recession and a drop in world trade, ports are continuing to need to adapt to changes in trades and vessel sizes, increasing competition and different ownership models delivered by increasing private sector involvement. Ports are ever more challenged by the requirements of balancing accountability and responsibility against the necessities of competing for business.

These changes need competent and highly trained port managers and this specially developed distance learning training course from the School of Maritime Operations and Logistics at North West Kent College provides the underpinning knowledge to enable port management professionals to meet their day-to-day challenges.

Download the Diploma in Port Management course outline here.

Studying Port Management by distance learning gives you the opportunity to apply knowledge as you gain it, without disruption or time away from your work. It is delivered through a proven flexible method with student support available online, via the course team and at the two optional seminars.

Diploma in Port Management Course Programme includes:

  • Introduction to Port Management
  • People Management
  • Commercial Management
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Finance, Accounting and Budgeting
  • Port Design and Engineering
  • Port Project Management: Principles and Techniques
  • Port Environmental Management and Environmental Stakeholder Relations
  • Ensuring a Safe and Secure Port
  • Managing Marine Operations and Conservancy
  • Case Study: Development Project

IBC Global Academy manages this course on behalf of the School of Maritime Operations and Logistics at North West Kent College.


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Fundamentals of Project Management

Fundamentals of Project Management

How to initiate, plan and implement successful projects

Course commences 29th April 2011. Apply by 18th February and save at least £100!

 Dear Abbas,

 Please find attached the brochure and enrolment details for this course.  The Fundamentals of Project Management provides a very through grounding in the important discipline of initiating, planning and implementing successful projects. 

 Here’s what just a couple of past students have said about this course.

  • “I have immediately and positively implemented the content in my work”

to be continued...

+ نوشته شده در  89/12/17ساعت 5:16 PM  توسط عباس حاجی ابراهیمی  | 

بنادر خشك با گذشت یكسال اجرایی نشد

مدیركل امور مناطق، بازاریابی و سرمایه‌گذاری سازمان بنادر و دریانوردی از عدم همراهی گمرك با برنامه‌های این سازمان جهت فعال‌سازی بنادر خشك خبر داد.

به گزارش مارین نیوز، حمیدرضا آبایی با بیان اینكه «سیرجان اولین نقطه مورد نظر سازمان بنادر برای انتقال مستقیم كالا از بندر شهیدرجایی است»، گفت: در گذشته، كالاها و كانتینرهای مورد نیاز را با هماهنگی و موافقت گمرك، از بندر شهیدرجایی به منطقه سیرجان انتقال می‌دادیم؛ اما از زمانی كه منطقه ویژه اقتصادی بندر شهیدرجایی به صورت كاملا مجزا و مشخص اجرایی شد، متأسفانه گمرك ایران با طرح این مسأله كه دیگر مشمول قوانین و مقررات گمركی نمی‌شود، با ترانزیت اداری و اجازه حمل كانتینر از منطقه ویژه اقتصادی بندر شهیدرجایی به سایر مناطق و گمركات، بدون حضور صاحب كالا و تنها با درخواست مدیریت منطقه موافقت نمی‌كند.

وی افزود: این معضل، همچنان در خصوص ترانزیت اداری یا مبادلات تجاری فیمابین مناطق وجود دارد.

آبایی با بیان اینكه «این معضل در منطقه آپرین، در نزديكی تهران، هم دیده می‌شود»، گفت: به‌رغم همه مسایل و مشكلات، مقدمات كار فراهم شد تا شركت‌های بزرگ صنعتی در تهران، مثل خودروسازان، بتوانند از موقعیت استفاده كنند؛ ولی قوانین و مقررات داخل كشور و عدم همكاری دستگاه‌های نظارتی، تاكنون مانع از عملیاتی شدن این كار شده است.

مدیركل امور مناطق، بازاریابی و سرمایه‌گذاری سازمان بنادر و دریانوردی با توجه به این مسایل، منطقه ویژه سرخس را بعنوان گزینه‌ای مناسب برای ایجاد بندر خشك پیشنهاد كرد و گفت: این منطقه با توجه به داشتن ارتباط ریلی با بندر شهیدرجایی، در صورت فعال شدن در حوزه ترانزیت، می‌تواند میزان ترانزیت از كشور را به 30 میلیون تن برساند.

به گفته وی، سازمان مسؤول این منطقه آستان قدس رضوی است كه می‌تواند در زمینه‌های مالی، كمك‌های بسیاری ارائه دهد.

گفتنی است، بر اساس تصمیم نمایندگان ویژه ریاست‌جمهوری در كارگروه توسعه حمل‌ونقل عمومی و مدیریت مصرف سوخت كه در نشست اوایل سال جاری در بندر شهیدرجایی ابلاغ شد؛ یكی از درخواست‌های اصلی، احداث پایانه‌های تركیبی یا بنادر خشك بود.

بندر خشك، پایانه‌ای تركیبی در پسكرانه است كه به بنادر ساحلی متصل می‌شود و مشتریان می‌توانند كالاهای خود را با استفاده از روش‌های ریلی، جاده‌ای یا هوایی ارسال كنند و یا تحویل بگیرند.



سه شنبه 17 اسفند 1389
+ نوشته شده در  89/12/17ساعت 2:49 PM  توسط عباس حاجی ابراهیمی  | 

Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

February 2011 | No.I

Invitation for Bids for the Road Network Development Program Project 1: Southern Corridor Improvement Project

Reference Number:



15th March 2011







Company Address:

72/4 U. Hajibeyov Street, Baku AZ 1010

P.O. Box:



+99 4 12 493 0045


+99 4 12 493 4665






The "Azerroadservice" OJC ("the Employer") invites bids from eligible bidders for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of M2 – Kamarli rural road located in Gazakh region. Interested bidders who wish to obtain additional information may contact Mr. Adil Gojayev via the provided details.


Invitation for Bids for the Environmentally Sound management and Final Disposal of PCBs

Reference Number:



4th April 2011






United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

Company Address:

Wagramer Strasse 5, A-1400, Vienna, Austria

P.O. Box:



+ 43 1 260 260


+ 43 1 260 266 815






The United Nations Industrial Development Organization invites eligible bidders for the provision of a complete package of technical services including but not limited to supply, installation and training services, required for a non-combustion technology. Interested bidders who wish to obtain additional information may contact Z. Pinjo via the provided contact details.


Invitation for Bids for the National Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program

Reference Number:



Throughout March






Provicnial Departments of Public Works and Housing (DPOPH) and Direcç?o Nacional de ?guas (DNA)

Company Address:


P.O. Box:



+ 258 21 302 811


+258 26-213-580/+258 24-212-847/+258 21 302 130


gabdophnpl@tdm.co.mz or bvahocha@yahoo.com.br or cforquia@yahoo.com




The Government of the Republic of Mozambique invites eligible bidders for the the National Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program (PRONASAR) in Nampula and Zambezia Provinces of Mozambique. The principal objective of this Project is to increase sustainable access to rural water supply and sanitation, improve well being and reduce rural poverty. Interested bidders who wish to obtain additional information may contact Mr. Bento Mualoja or Cristov?o Francisco Forquia via the provided details.


Consultancy Services

Invitation for the Expression of Interest for the Bursa Light Rail - Corporate Development Program

Reference Number:



15th March 2011




Bursa, Turkey


The Light Rail Transit ("LRT")

Company Address:

Burula? BursaRay ??letme Merkezi, Odunluk Mah. ?zmir Yolu Nilüfer, 16130

P.O. Box:



+ 90 224 452 5244 /1200/ or + 44 20 7338 6409




ademyazar@burulas.com.tr or powerw@ebrd.com




The municipality of Bursa in north-west Turkey is planning to undertake total capital expenditures of TRY 579.2 million (EUR 278 million) during the next few years. The light rail transit ("LRT") project is the single largest investment project, alongside a number of smaller projects. Interested consultants may contact Mr. Adem Yazar or William Power for additional information via the above provided contact details.


Invitation for the Expression of Interest for Consultancy for Occupational Health and Safety Assistance Program

Reference Number:



23rd March 2011




EBRD Countries


European Bank for Reconstruction and Development



P.O. Box:



+44 207 338 7598


+44 207 338 7472






The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the "EBRD" or the "Bank") is seeking up to three (3) framework consultants (the "Consultants") to provide expert advice to selected clients across the Bank's countries of operations on how to improve occupational health and safety ("OHS") awareness and performance. Further details can be acquired via the provided contact details.


Investment Opportunities

Invitation for Bids for the China – Korea Border Town Development Project

Reference Number:





Real Estate


China – Korea Border


Dandong Sino-Korean Frontier Trade City



P.O. Box:



+ 86 415 230955








Dandong Sino-Korean Frontier Trade City invites international investors for building the first base of Fairy Cave villas holiday resort in Qianyang Economic Zone of Liaoning Dandong. Further details about the project can be acquired via the above provided details


Invitation for Bids for the Improvement of the Environmental and Financial Benefits

Reference Number:





Industrial & Consumer Products




Gamesa Wind Turbines Pvt. Ltd


#489, GNT Road, Thandal Kazhani, Vadakari Post, Redhills, Chennai-52

P.O. Box:



+ 91 44 30 989898








The proposed project is to provide debt financing of up to €11 million to Gamesa Wind Turbines (“GWT” or the “Company”), a wind turbine assembly facility in India (the “Project”). The turbines assembled at this facility will be exported, sold domestically as well as used in local wind farms developed by the company. Additional information can be obtained via the above provided contact details.

About the Business Support Department:
The Business Support Department fosters the growth and development of Dubai-based Enterprises. Core foundations of market analysis, business surveillance, programming, business communications and business advising are utilised in an integrated approach. The key components of the Business Support Department programme are designed to provide knowledge tools, business services and enterprise support.



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مطالب قدیمی‌تر